Sometimes, playing dumb is REALLY incredibly SMART!  OK, so I know we all do it to some degree.  I accidentally on purpose forgot to tell Jeff his mom called when she wanted to come over for dinner because I just REALLY wasn’t in the mood for company….I AOP let the fact that I needed to grocery shop completely slip my mind thereby guarenteeing our ordering in dinner because there is literally nothing left in the house approved for human consumption…..I AOP erased Jeff’s stupid UFC fight from DVR because God only knows that I don’t want to get stuck having to watch that dumb pointless shit with him AGAIN.  Buh bye fight night! 

Penis people are not immune to this either…..How many penis that created the other penis people (aka, the husbands) do the same thing??  AOP diaper the baby incorrectly (or not at all) so that they will never be asked to do it again (mine actually did AOP forget to put a diaper on Nicklas, but I was SO on to him and put the smack down with a quickness)….AOP screw up dinner preparations beyond all recognition in the vain attempt to be relinquished from this particular duty forever….Laundry and stain removal???  Don’t even get me started!

Point is….we all play dumb in an attempt to get ourselves out of things that we REALLY dislike doing.  I don’t do yard work…I hate dirt/mud/weeds/watering flowers/freshly cut grass/etc.   I also REALLY dislike snow…. shoveling/snowblowing/playing in the snow/snowball fights/etc.  Jeff and I have always had a rule that if its inside the house, I’m all over it…but if its OUTSIDE, penis person, get BUSY!  Therefore, I will happily shovel the snow or cut the grass if it happens to somehow turn up in the MIDDLE OF MY LIVING ROOM, otherwise, its really not my problem…..But Jeff was pretty insistant that I, at the very least, ATTEMPT to TRY to cut the grass….REALLY????  Ok, now to be clear, my hubby has some pretty severe OCD and it extends to how particular he is about his grass cutting.  So, you just know that momma had lines going every direction, I tried to spell my own name and Jeff’s  with a little + in the middle, little swirlies here and there, AOP ran over a flower or ten……POOF!  Immune from EVER cutting the grass AGAIN!  SCORE! 

There is absolutely no crime in AOP stunts……the point is to do so in such a way that the person you love, while suspecting you,  can’t quite prove that you knew you were messing up on purpose.  Because, as any good criminal mind knows, its NOT about what you KNOW but what you can PROVE.

If you have any AOP moments you’d like to share, feel free…..It might just inspire me or another not-penis-person on the next stunt!  Thanks in advance!  =)