I am touched that I was mentioned in a fellow bloggers “top five” and that he sent this to me.  Thank you Derrick Barnsdale for pimping my blog on YOUR blog.   He is a penis person that has my utmost respect (and a kick ass blog..more about that in a minute).  I’m about five minutes late to getting this in for Friday (its now after midnight….ooooops!).   Eh, whatever….story of my life!  But the sentiment still stands and that’s all that really matters….right???

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Muffin Top Mommy (http://muffintopmommy.com/) —Janet Twohig Frongillo…..

I think that I like her because she is also the only va-jay-jay in a house full of penises…..

In “the things we tell our kids-when we’ve got nuthin”  she is being mercilessly questioned by her young penis person about why SHE doesn’t have a penis and exactly WHAT does she have INSTEAD.   With that, she ponders ”Is this the world’s smallest cross examiner or what? I guess I’ll have to save for law school and they’ll be no money left for retirement. Forget the fancy assisted living with the bar and the bus trips to the casino. I’ll be bagging groceries and living in his basement when I’m 90—if I’m lucky. Oh please, marry someone kind and compassionate, son!”


Hyperbole and a Half (http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com/)—by Allie Brosh

I love her hand drawn illustrations, and how they consistently bring each story to life.  My favorites are “the scariest story” with her sweet reminiscing about her childhood fear and pretty much every single story about her stoooooopid dog.


Moms Who Drink and Swear  (http://www.chicagonow.com/blogs/moms-who-drink-swear/)—Nicole Knepper via Chicago Now

Nikki’s blog was my first ever experience with reading a blog….I sat and read it, amazed that someone could write so brilliantly…and IKNEW her.  She later persuaded me to start my own blog based on some of my rants and generally sarcastic debauchery
on her MWDAS’s facebook page.  She began heaping on the praise so convincingly that I started to believe it myself….and so my blog was born….You have HER to thank for the madness of Life With Penis People.  There are far too many of Nik’s blog that have touched me or humored me or made me think that I just can’t possibly name one or two as my favorites.


Life on an Island  (http://dawnsramblings.posterous.com/)—-Dawn Barnsdale

She actually DOES live on an Island…never mind that its located in the middle of the Detroit River, in MICHIGAN no less…its still pretty awesome, though obviously not as glamorous as living on the Hawaaiin Islands.

Dawn tells very real stories about very real life experiences.  Her most recent about giving away the family pet, was met with a lot of unwarranted fury.  I still don’t know if she KNOWS the people that belong to the angriest of voices…but I still really want to hurt them for hurting her and attacking her character as a mom.   She is awesome and they should just accept that and move along.


Dad v Autism  (http://dadvautism.blogspot.com/)—Derrick Barnsdale

Very rarely do we get to hear much from the penis people in any relationship.  Not only do we get to hear from Derrick..but we get to see very clearly in to his world.  Its refreshing to hear a dad with a voice speaking so honestly about his family life.  I find myself completely touched by his blog and he writes it so well that you feel the emotions come through.  His blog is about a lot of things for sure…but the fact that most of it inevitably rotates around he and his Autistic son Noah makes it even more special, as each
story further explains how he is inspired by his son and how his son is encouraged by him.    And I am inspired and encouraged by them both equally.



All of these blogs are wonderful (though I could have listed more, but rules are rules, ya know).  Please check them out…….I am pretty good at spotting GREATNESS and wouldn’t steer you wrong!