Is it obvious that the moms are slightly inebriated??? GIRL POWER!


In the last week or so, I’ve used the shit outta this phrase.  In no way did I claim ownership to it, but I did claimed it as my own.

We had an amazing visit with the Missouri crew (family). And for the first time in a very long while, I wasn’t the only bitch in my house.  We were still outnumbered by the penises, to be sure, but it was nice to balance out some of that testosterone with a healthy dose of girl power.  Two dads, two moms, two six year olds and two babies just over one.  It was spectacular and exuberant organized chaos.

Jeff’s nephew and his bad as hell wife, Rebecca, and their two children (one boy and one girl) came to visit and stayed at our house.  It was a week spent commiserating with Rebecca over the perils of mommyhood and wifely duties and the need to have someone to vent to who understands.  Rebecca and I bonded over shitty diapers and mashed up baby food and liquor……though not as much or as often as we’d have liked.  We are very similar in that we’re both small in stature but fearless and don’t take shit off anyone and we’re both VERY vocal in our pissed offness and sometimes that doesn’t make you many friends.  There were battles a plenty and cantankerous bickering.  And I can honestly say it was one of the best weeks of my life.

There was someone else there to notice men being a penis heads (and not the good kind).  There was someone to run away with for a much needed break from the munchkins….who cares if it was just a two hour mommy mini vacation (minus the kids) to the grocery store at nearly midnight.  There was someone else there to share those quiet moments when the kids are all in bed and the husbands are outside talking to one another instead of us and you can finally have some quiet grown up time (and a few much needed drinks).  Rebecca was my partner in crime for the week and we managed to find trouble over and over……or was it trouble finding us?  It doesn’t matter.  It was nice to have someone else with a va-jay-jay to bitch with.  No one understands the struggle of a woman quite like another woman.

During this visit, I also got a hint of what it would be like to have a not-penis-person as a child.  I bonded with Rebecca’s 6 year old daughter and she proclaimed several times that she never wanted to go home because she was enjoying my spoiling her.  She and Nicklas had small moments of frustration with one another and she never took any shit off of him.  She made me so proud of her.  She proclaimed Transformers to be silly and broke out the Barbie dolls.  She wore tons of pink and tutus and cute little shit in her hair.  We went shopping as a group and she ENJOYED it (Nicklas and the other penises got bored 30 seconds in).  She was a hardcore girly girl and I enjoyed the break it gave me from all that is boys.  When Nicklas was getting on her nerves with his stalker bahaviors and endless chats about Transformers and other nonsense, I instructed her to come and let me know and I would whip him back in to shape.  And then she and I would proclaim “GILR POWER”.  What started out as a small inside joke about the silliness of boys became a mantra for myself and Rebecca and her daughter by weeks end…..all that was missing were some trashy costumes, masks to hide our true identities and maybe a sword or a pitchfork or a broom to complete the attire.  The fact that it irritated Nicklas and the other penises slightly only added to the joy.  Every time we would put the penises in their place or make them miserable…..”GIRL POWER” had struck again and claimed another victim.  And we felt slightly victorious.

Simultaneously, while I was having a week long intense feeling of kindred spirits, my Moms Who Drink and Swear whores were preparing for the maiden voyage of what is sure to be an annual trip to Chicago to tear the city down drink by drink and penis by penis.  While I was unable to actually attend this monumental event, I followed along on Facebook and attended in spirit.  I enjoyed all the raucous pictures and cannot wait to hear the real stories from the bitches upon their return to resobering. What was evident in each and every post and photo was the same thing….its fun to be a girl and even more fun to be a girl while you’re with your girls.

And all this bonding over girliness got me to thinking…….of how vitally important it is to have that kind of bond.  For every girls night out or mommy playdates or MWDAS facebook rant or girl power throw down, there is something deep beneath the surface that screams to be understood.  And that is this…..that motherhood is difficult and hard and mind numbing at times.  That’s its harder still to pull off in the face of whiney husbands and kids who need you relentlessly every second of every day.  That sometimes you have to laugh at yourselves so that you don’t forget that its supposed to be fun.  And that sometimes you need a vacation from all that is required of you daily so that you can recharge your batteries and be reminded of how awesome you are. Just you….all by yourself.  You are not JUST a wife and a mom and caretaker and cook and housekeeper and fighter for all that is right and good.  You are a woman who needs to go and meet herself alone sometimes, or with an awesome group of moms just like you, and embrace your inner girl power.