So….as you know, I was encouraged to blog by one amazing woman named Nikki, the founder of Moms Who Drink and Swear facebook page and blog (if you’re still not down with MWDAS…you’re an asshole and the ONLY way to make it right is to go check it out…I’ve provided a link here Moms Who Drink And Swear  for your lazy’re welcome).  What she did, in the moments when she shot me a bit of motivation to start writing, was provide me the balls to find an outlet to let my creative juices flow.  I am forever grateful to Nik and have always thought that the best way to repay her for giving me the kick in the ass that I needed was to pay it forward and encourage others as well.  I’m the first to tell a new blogger to just shut up and fucking DO IT (in the kindest possible way that I can, OF COURSE).  If they worry it will suck, I tell them they won’t know until they’ve given it a shot.  I’m happy to give them advice and I provide them some suggestions if I think it will help.


And I also am happy to pimp their blog on Life With Penis People.  I have really loyal followers and I’m happy to steer y’all in the direction of other amazing bloggers.


That being said….I’ve recently fallen in serious girl-crush love with two amazing women.  They share a similar story…and each write in such a unique style that each of them possess.  But there is NO mistaking the strength and will and hard-core, balls to the wall determination that each of them has attained in lives previously blemished by pain.  I have put a link to each of their blogs below….But first, I wanted to take a minute to let you get to know these AMAZING women!


One prefers anonymity and blogs under an assumed name.  When I recently blogged about being a shitty little bully, she took an opportunity to contact me and tell me her story.  She’d been horribly bullied and still suffers the pain, in the form of an ongoing medical condition, that it caused.  She wanted me to know that the pain one endures can have a lifelong impact.  In reading her blog, I learned that she had also been molested…..during a time when her family was in SUCH a turmoil already and I’m sure her life was in an absolute upheaval.  To be subjected to further atrocities….I can’t even begin to imagine.  She’s very new to blogging, but you can just feel that she has a story that MUST be told….and she’s doing an incredible job doing just that!  I’m feeling lucky that she and I connected over the blog about bullies…..and that I’ve gotten the chance to get to know this wonderful person!  You can follow Katie and her blog Beautiful Nothing here…..Beautiful Nothing


One prefers to blog under her real life name.  She knows that this will make some uncomfortable, mostly people close to her who KNOW her horrors and would be much happier that they remain unexposed to the world.  But she refuses to be silent any more.  She pulls NO punches and is blatantly honest in her story.  She endured YEARS of abuse at the hands of her father and the ignorance and cruel disregard of her mother.  When you read her story…you can’t help but wonder how the HELL she even made it through.  And that’s precisely her POINT.  She wants people to know that YOU CAN survive it……and if she helps even ONE person in her similar situation, she will know that the suffering that she sustained will, at the very least, help HER help someone else. She’s been blogging nearly every day since she began just a short while ago.  With the ferocity of the need to blog with fervor, you get the sense of how the words are just stumbling and tumbling out of her BECAUSE THEY NEED TO.  Its evident with each installment that she’s needed to purge this for some time now……and I’m glad that she is!  I’ve talked to her on the phone several times.  One thing strikes me about her with each conversation…….this woman IS NOT A VICTIM!  She was clearly and undoubtedly victimized horribly, but she refuses to remain in that place for the rest of her life.  And watching her kick blogging ass right now is astonishing.  You can follow Michele and her blog Looking for My Escape here….Looking For My Escape


And so I ask that you take some time and go to these blog pages.  Both have a story that should NEVER be ignored.  Both are astonishingly strong and exude resilience, even when life and its mitigating factors told them to just lie down and die.  I can promise you that you won’t be the same person when you come to the conclusion of their story…..they will make certain you remember them!