So….in all the hustle and bustle and madness of the last few days….it occurred to me that I’ve yet to blog this week.  And since I am humbled and amazed today….I figured I would end my day with a super kick ass blog to permanently mark the days events!  Probably….maybe…this will be the last time I will talk about pediatric cancer…at least for the next day or two. There are a shit ton of links within this post.  Dude….click on them all….they are THAT damn important (I only DO links when they are THAT damn important).

In the year that I’ve been blogging, I’ve had the chance to “meet” some of the most amazing people….some were former strangers that I’ve finally met in real life…some I’ve had long and comforting phone calls with, bridging the distance between us while we burned up the phones lines….some still live only in my computer (that is..until the mandatory sentence thing is over and they’re allowed supervised visits…BWAHAHAHA).

About a year ago…I was introduced to  Mary Tyler Mom (Sheila) by Nikki from MWDAS (once again….here’s the link Moms Who Drink and Swear on FB….stop being so fucking lazy and just meander your silly ass over there and join the awesomeness).  Mary Tyler Mom blogged about the 31 months of her daughter’s cancer treatments and Donna’s subsequent passing.  Donna’s Cancer Story  was brutal to read, both heart breaking and beautiful all at once.  As I’ve mentioned before, I was thoroughly touched by this sweet, innocent little girl.  I was PISSED that cancer stole her from her family….I cried for her as if I’ve lost a close, personal friend.  My heart was broken for Mary Tyler Family and all the pain and sadness they’ve endured.  Donna’s family started Donna’s Good Things as a means to honor their daughter…to make sure that she would continue to exist in this world that she left far too soon.

Last year, Donna’s Good Things held a head shaving event in Chicago to benefit St. Baldricks Pediatric Research Fund.  They set a small goal of $20,000.  They RAISED over $77,000.  Can you just IMAGINE how  awesome that is……. It was right about then that I decided for certain that I would be participating in 2013.  If Donna can do all these wonderfully good things and she’s not even here…..well….there’s no excuse that I shouldn’t do something too!  Two days ago, I officially signed up for the St. Baldricks head shaving event to be held in Romeo, Michigan on March 16, 2013.  I have named our team Team Donna’s Good Things of Michigan.  I set a goal for our little group of $5,000.  I set a personal goal for myself to raise $1,000 (you can donate to my fund raising efforts here…..Danielle Bare St. Baldricks Fundraising).

In just those TWO KICKING ASS DAYS, we’ve got 5 team members now…..I’m pretty certain there will be at least two more.  Four of us are shaving our heads (two more will be joining us shavees soon).  One of those people is a 14 yr old girl named Rylee B..  She is amazing in ways that words cannot express.  How many teenage girls do YOU know that would voluntarily shave off their hair…..while they’re in highschool!  She’s also currently kicking my ass in fundraising dollars….I contribute it to the fact that she has far more friends than I do because she’s so nice and sweet and I’m an evil shrill of a bitch!  LOL  I’m prouder of her than you can even imagine.  Two women that joined the team were virtual strangers to me……Rebekah and Sabrina….but they’d heard of Donna (through all the endless sharing of Donna’s story on FB) and wanted to join the team and shave their heads as well.  Four people I’ve not even met yet……and we have bonded together through Donna.   How absolutely amazing is THAT?!?!?!?  If you can donate to all of us, that would be amazing.  If you can only donate to one of us….that would be just as amazing too!

Donna lived until she died…….and we must do the same.  We HAVE to keep fighting for kids like her….It would be naive to think that not one more child will be stolen by cancer…..sadly, the reality is that a child is diagnosed with cancer about every 60 minutes.  Every 6 hours a child will die from its ravaging grip.  Cases of pediatric cancer have increased 30% over the last 30 years, to the  point that cancer is now the nation’s leading cause of death by disease in  children.  THINK ABOUT THAT……while you were eating dinner…..a child was diagnosed with cancer…..while you were sleeping, a child was losing their battle.  THAT’S WHY THIS IS SO DAMN IMPORTANT!!!  Raising awareness for Pediatric Cancer is IMPORTANT…..awareness brings more funding to a children that are largely underfunded and unrepresented.

Finally……Hug your children as tight as you can….embrace those moments when they piss you off and make you want to lock them outside in the cold. When you are ready to toss yourself in front of a bus because your child is working your last, final nerve… still….and rememeber Donna.   Because, I PROMISE YOU THIS, there is a mother….a father…a family…..that wishes they had THOSE moments back again.