It started simply enough.  I was irritated  pissed off and couldn’t seem to get any results.  Frustration growing, I took my angst to the internet and started Googling as if my very life depended on it (which, technically, it does).  CVS Caremark was surely going to be the bane of my existence…and, as I suspected, I wasn’t nearly as alone as I thought I was.  I was promptly faced with hundreds and hundreds of stories that seemed as atrocious as my own.  Some, sadly, even more so.

The internet, for all its proclivity to be a ball of negative nonsense, can be also provide a wonderful opportunity to, quite literally, have the world at your fingertips (stubby little sausage-y fingertips, if I’m being honest).  With just a few taps of the keys, you can easily (or..mostly easily) find out some pretty shitty things about a company.   What began as a Friday night homebound…snuggled up on the couch (or was I curled in the fetal position from anxiety) fingers poised to find a way to make a company pay for all my anger quickly morphed into something I’m still trying to wrap my weary mind around.

What began as one pissed off mom on a mission touched a nerve in…..oh….about 1,100 plus people.  There is nothing more frustrating that banging your head against a proverbial brick wall.  But when you have 1,100 people bashing away with you….you find the pain subsides just the tiniest bit and….screw that wall, you can collectively move a MOUNTAIN! 

While most of the people that have joined me to fight this company are essentially strangers to me, many of them are directly or indirectly connected to The Dick and his job.  It has always been said that the police family is police FAMILY and if you mess with one… should prepare to battle them all.  Furthermore, the families of officers are nearly their own entity.  No one understands the frustration of living the life of a law enforcement family like that of a fellow law enforcement family. 

What I’ve discovered is that the problems I was having were in no way just significant to myself and the penis people.  There were hundreds of moms and dads with their own family worries.  Husbands and wives concerned about their own loved one’s health and well being. As the personal stories began pouring in, I was sickened to see the ensuing carnage that swirls daily around this company. I suspect now that it might seem very narrow-minded to think that only I were having these problems. But when you are in the midst of your own battle, its difficult to fathom that there are others.  Its easy to see the world in a very singular way when you are fighting alone.  But when you form a collective group and take a stand……it becomes epic.

As a blogger, I’m often amazed that people still give a shit when I have something to say.  It boggles my mind on a billion levels.  But then I take a breath and keep pushing forward, trying to silence that little voice in my head that says “you’re in way over your head bitch”. 

And so I find myself perched precariously on the precipice of something far larger than myself and my young penis people.  What began as a fight to get my sons’ medications in a timely fashion, void of any unnecessary delays that could be detrimental to their health, has became a living, breathing paradigm of expecting better and settling for absolutely not a damn thing less.

Friday night, it would have been so much simpler to park my ass on the couch and veg away on mindless TV, hoping for the best and prepared do nothing.   But I chose to take a stand.  1,100 plus people joined me.  And that kind of momentum will not just simply fade away.  CVS Caremark needs to understand that they are literally screwing around with peoples’ lives.  They need to be realistic in understanding that people that move mountains make a lot of noise in doing so.  And they should be completely cognizant of the fact that we have a voice now and people are listening.

Thank you, sincerely, to each and every person that has shared this information…..has encouraged others to join us……has offered suggestions and avenues to pursue.

If you would like to find out additional information, please join us at  If you have dealt with CVS Caremark, we would love to hear from you.