** DISCLAIMER ** There are going to be a shit ton of grammatical errors in this post. I’m just being kind and preparing you for it.  The computer is positively fucked….. the Penis people’s tablets are only half ass working…. I’m typing this on my phone.  Do you have any idea what a pain in the absolute ASS typing a blog on your phone is? 

Recently,  my friend Joanna posted a photo of her holiday tree. As a momma of two wee penis people of her own,  she marveled at the notion that her tree was really no longer hers….. it belonged to her penis people, decorated entirely by their wonderful little imaginations. Complete with race car track beneath and even a giant hand written letter perched carefully on the tree branches, kindly warning Santa to beware of their killer dog (a small adorable pup that could literally fit in the palm of my hand).

I took a moment to reminisce about the trees of my Christmases past.  Those days before kids,  when the a Dick and I would carefully decorate the tree.  Color coordinating bulbs and ribbons. A new and different theme each holiday.

How positively BORING!

There was nary a hand made ornament….. not a single cluster of bulbs grouped together haphazardly.  Not a single paper chain or popsicle stick sled or clothes pin Rudolph. 

And somehow, thinking back on those trees decorated “just so”…..I can’t help but think how much better my trees and decorations are now.  There is so much life in each decoration.  So many memories.  And while those “before penis people” trees were most certainly pretty,  they weren’t NEARLY as magical as my “after penis people” trees.

Those trees….. spanning all those years….. are a lot like life. The “then” and the “now”.

I’m sure that Joanna and every other momma I know would agree… THEN was wonderful….. quiet and cozy and organized and coordinated. NOW is loud and chaotic and disorderly….. but NOW is wonderful too. In a very different, BETTER wonderful  kind of way.